Need 500 maps of a city to hand out to attendees? A video to promote your next icentive destination at the upcoming sales meeting? You can get these and may other promotional items free--just by calling the CVB.

Among the many services CVBs provide:

* Up-to-date information on hotels, resorts, restaurants, meeting facilities, and local attractions in the form of brochures, meeting planner guides, or CD-ROMs

* Group familiarization tours

* Site inspection arrangements

* Rate and contact information for local properties

* Transportation information

* City maps

* Calendar of events

* Local supplier contacts

* Itinerary assistance

* Coordination of spouse programs

* Promotional materials about the destination such as photography, brochures and videos.

Per diems* for attendees in the five most-/least-expensive cities MOST-EXPENSIVE 1. New York - $420.27/day

2. Washington, D.C. - $324.63/day

3. Chicago - $323.28/day

4. Boston - $314.32/day

5. Dallas - $307.19/day

LEAST-EXPENSIVE 1. Bakersfield, Calif. - $167.41/day

2. Fresno, Calif - $167.40/day

3. Jackson, Miss - $163.97/day

4. Springfield, Mo - $156.07/day

5. Biloxi, Miss. - $151.94/day

* the cost of a hotel, meals, and car rental

SOURCE: 1998 Corporate Travel Index, conducted by the Rochester Institute of Technology and Business Travel News.

New York was ranked as the most-expensive city in 1997 and continues to be in 1998, while Dallas stood at number 13 last year with a per diem of $246.67. This year's national average was $217.05, a six percent increase over 1997.