We prepared to answer these questions for the golf director at your next event:

* What are your preferred courses, dates, and start times?

* How many players will you have, and what are their general skill levels?

* What is the purpose of the event? Are you rewarding incentive qualifiers? Entertaining customers?

* How many players have signed up for your tournament in the past, how much money do you typically spend, and what types of courses have your golfers played before?

* What is your preferred tournament format? (See our crib sheet on page 64.)

* Will you want group clinics?

* How many sets of rental clubs and/or pairs of rental shoes do you need?

* Do you need an area for an awards presentation or any of the course's professional tournament services?

* Do you have events scheduled before or after the tournament?

For more information, contact Brad at bdoyle@grandcypress.com