Just Think When work, like life, becomes engaging, stimulating, and fulfilling; when fear is absent; when the individual is present by virtue of choice instead of need; when co-workers are seen as souls who are learning how to live and create together ... business will produce far more than the necessities of physical existence. It will produce souls of increasing awareness, responsibility, and compassion. This is the only goal that is worthy of business.

Source: Rediscovering the Soul of Business, by Gary Zuykov (1995, Sterling & Stone)

Need a Read? The further into the future, the farther from the Earth travelers will venture, according to the new book, Frommer's The Moon: A Guide for First-Time Visitors (1999, Macmillan USA). First stop: a weightless ride on a specially equipped Russian aircraft, offered now by an Arlington, Va.-based travel agency, Space Adventures. Flash forward to 2002: a 21/2-hour flight to 100 kilometers above sea level, at "official astronaut altitude." Far ahead, but feasible, according to the author: a stay at a space hotel, already designed by the same architects who created London's Legoland, with views of planet Earth and its 14 daily sunsets and sunrises.

Consider This "For the first time in my lifetime, I can't see five years ahead the way I used to."

--Leonard Riggio, CEO, Barnes & Noble, as quoted in The New York Times

New Sensation It doesn't get any hotter than this--or cooler, depending on how you look at it. Tucked away in an almost unpronounceable town 125 miles north of the Arctic Circle in Sweden (Jukkasjarvi) is a hotel made entirely of ice. The Ice Hotel is built each year (opening in December) from thousands of tons of ice from the nearby Torne River; the ice is shaped into rooms and even some furniture. It takes 40 hours to sculpt each room, which will melt by spring. The drink of choice is Absolut (drunk in glasses of ice--that is, the actual glasses are made of ice), since the vodka maker sponsors the project (or is it a property?), which is managed by Best Western. The Ice Hotel even has meeting facilities to accommodate 120 people. Check out the Web site at www.icehotel.com.

Book Mark www.incentivecentral.org The incentive industry has entered the new millennium by making a concerted effort to build awareness among the general public--the majority of whom still don't know what incentives are. As part of the most significant promotional campaign the industry has ever launched, the Incentive Federation recently rolled out a new Web site (www.incentivecentral.org). Visitors will find case studies of companies' incentive programs, links to incentive sites and resources, and independent research of users and nonusers--information to get them started on their own programs or improve on what they already do.