In a blink, you know that this is no ordinary banquet.

The chef, in his tall, white hat, is stiltwalking across the ballroom. A contortionist brushes your chair as he picks up a dropped napkin. The bartender is juggling in the corner. Trapeze artists fly above the tables, in perfect sync with the eerily beautiful music. Even the waiters and busboys get into the act.

Dinneractive began as a Cirque Productions special event for one restaurant company's incentive program, and is now available for group events at any location. Throughout the evening, willing participants are invited to join the show by undergoing impromptu makeovers, jumping rope, or hula hooping.

Each routine is theatrically scripted, acted, and presented with the Cirque flair. All to a glamorous Moulin Rouge backdrop. For more information, call (954) 975-9525.