Monaco’s incentive gem is embarking on a four-year transformation. Located next to the famous Monte Carlo Casino, the Hotel de Paris has always been the epitome of elegance, home of Alain Ducasse’s three-Michelin-starred Le Louis XV restaurant and a bar that offers more than 300,000 vintages of Champagne.

Now it is moving into a new era when it closes from October to December of this year, re-opening for the holiday period from mid-December through January 18, 2015, then closing areas of the 162-room hotel and operating on a reduced scale as work progresses. The grand reopening date is set for September 2018. During that time, the hotel will host an exhibition featuring the architects’ (Richard Martinet and Gabriel Viora) vision of its next 150 years.

The number of rooms at the Hotel de Paris is expected to stay the same, though more spacious, and there will be a greater number of suites. A garden courtyard will grace the center of the hotel, there will be a new rooftop villa with its own private pool and garden, and a new spa and pool area. And of course, the hotel's historic facade will remain untouched.  

The Hotel de Paris has 4,400 square feet of meeting space.