Hip, Hot, Waiting for Insurance Agents Parties are back. Now a new downtown club called Life wants to give your qualifiers the real New York City party experience. It's billed as the Studio 54 of the '90s, haunt of the glamorous and the fashionable: What better place to help agents forget about the office?

You might wonder how hip a club can be if it's creating its own hype with a press release. But that's because the club is targeting three distinct audiences, says owner Roy Stillman. One is the corporate event audience (which is getting the press release); then there are the live music fans (who enjoyed a RuPaul show at Life's one-year anniversary party in December), and finally the nightclubbers (models, actors, musicians, Donald Trump, the list goes on). "We frequently do all three in one night," Stillman says. "The club is attractive for corporate events because of the paucity of alternative environments."

He emphasizes that the Studio 54 label refers to the club's cachet, not to a 1980s atmosphere of drugs and excess. "This is the place to see and be seen. People who had eschewed the nightclub environment can come here, have a good time, and be safe."

Life's three "environments"--the main room (950 for a reception, 600 seated), the VIP room (200 for a reception, 125 seated), and the lounge (300 for a reception, 200 seated) all have separate entrances and rest rooms. Any and all can be booked by corporate groups--a business presentation in the main room, for example, might be followed by cocktails in the lounge and VIP room. The main room and lounge have sophisticated audiovisual capabilities, and the club has a full kitchen. Call Francis McHugh, director of special events, at (212) 420-1999.