One way of extending the life of your golf event is to put it on video. Dan Lafferty and his partner Tim Morris have backgrounds in television: Two years ago they decided to combine their broadcasting skills with their love of golf to create Golf Outing Television, based in Chicago.

The company covers a golf event and “produces a show, from start to finish,” Lafferty says. On the day of the tournament or outing, Golf Outing Television sends a team of five to 10 reporters, producers, and editors to produce a show. “It's not your typical video crew,” Lafferty says. “We provide a professional broadcasting crew.”

Lafferty says the final product will be “entertainment-oriented,” and will contain “everything that makes an event special.” It's produced and edited on site, and is available for “broadcast”on site as well.

Coverage of a typical one-day golf tournament costs around $8,000. Golf Outing Television covered 15 events in its first year, and doubled that in its second year, so it's a growing phenomenon, says Lafferty.