To fulfill her New Year's resolution to get organized, Kathy Kaskiw, FLMI, went to a hardware store and bought a toolbox.

Like most meeting planners, Kaskiw, senior consultant, meetings and incentives, at Canada Life Assurance in Toronto, used to pack meeting supplies from rulers to Band-Aids in a cardboard box that inevitably turned into a mess on site. Based on the recommendation of her colleague Rita Prest, she tried a standard-issue toolbox instead.

"It's always packed and ready to go, like a frequent traveler's toiletry bag," Kaskiw says, "and it's easy to keep neat throughout the program."

Among the most frequently used items: scissors, stapler, ruler, three-hole punch, utility knife, tape, and highlighters. New to the inventory are plastic tie-backs and bungee cords, which Kaskiw says have come in particularly handy for hanging banners.