In Search of Sean Connery At a champagne reception on an oceanside terrace in the Bahamas during the Berkshire Life Leaders Round Table conference in March, attendees were surprised to see a cigar boat race up and drop off Pierce Brosnan, who then trotted up to the terrace in a white tux to join them. Even more amazing was the simultaneous arrival of a tuxedoed Sean Connery at the party. The conference theme, In Search of 007, seemed to be paying off in spades.

Sharon Chapman, meeting planner at Berkshire Life, had in fact booked Sean Connery for this meeting. Unfortunately, a movie deal came up and Connery bowed out. So the "Sean" and "Pierce" who joined the group on site to hand out awards were celebrity look-alikes. Chapman notes, however, that Connery has a house in the Bahamas and does occasionally make appearances for a fee, most of which he subsequently donates to the Bahamian public schools. (However, she adds, you do run the risk that Clint Eastwood will ring up the popular star and grab him out from under you, which is what happened to her.)

The 007 theme, she says, was a natural with the grandly renovated and expanded Atlantis as the site of the meeting. The movie Thunderball (with Connery as Bond) was filmed there. A kickoff poster introduced the theme and the destination, followed by a pair of sunglasses embossed with the theme. The Atlantis video was then sent to general agency offices so they could promote the meeting to their agents. As soon as agents hit their goal, Chapman sent them a copy of the Thunderball video.