Since July, meeting executives heading to Europe, Africa, and the Middle East have been able to make one call, get one rate, negotiate one contract, and book flights on four different carriers: Delta Air Lines, Austrian Airlines, Sabena, and Swissair. This partnership, dubbed Atlantic Excellence, is unique in the industry: a one-stop shop with access to a network of more than 20,000 flights to more than 400 cities. "Atlantic Excellence is an alliance, not a code-sharing agreement," explains Buff Ramsey, national account manager, incentive sales, for Delta. The importance of the distinction? Code sharing offers limited capacity: It works by carriers purchasing blocks of seats on other carriers. With the AE alliance, each carrier has access to every seat on each other carrier's aircraft. (Frequent-flyer miles are interchangeable among the four carriers as well.) Flights booked through Atlantic Excellence (done by calling any of the four airlines) must go through one of four European gateways (Geneva, Vienna, Zurich, Brussels). "Our goal was to make things simpler for incentive and meeting executives," Ramsey says. "The alliance offers seamless service to Europe, Africa, and the Middle East." Contact Delta at (800) 241-4141 for more information, or visit