REACHING THE MILLENNIALS They're technology-savvy, team-oriented, and optimistic about their future. They're the Millennials, and in four years they'll enter the workforce in huge numbers. Generational expert Robert Wendover, president of Aurora, Colo.- based Leadership Resources, says that growing up in a culture dominated by entertainment and technology has set the Millennials apart from past generations. As he put it, "The standard Millennial wears a beeper to school."

To inspire them, meetings must be interactive and entertaining, while incorporating the latest technology. "To them, a speaker is like TV. If he's boring, a Millennial will take the shortest distance to the door."

Generational historian William Strauss, now writing a book on the generation born in 1982, says that because this group has grown up in an era of prosperity, they lack Generation X's cynicism about Corporate America. "They have a positive collective self-image," he says. "They feel they have a lot to offer." And because today's schools stress teamwork, they'll likely prefer group activities such as peer-led training or incen- tive trips with peers.