If you are a current member, we encourage you to renew your membership for 2006. While renewing your membership on the Web site (www.ficpnet.com), please take a few minutes to update your online profile. By doing so, you will provide current information about your business needs, and reduce the number of unqualified e-mails and phone calls you will receive from interested hospitality partners.

Please attend at least one of the educational opportunities offered — a chapter meeting, the Summer Educational Forum, or the 2006 Annual Meeting. If you are unable to travel, participate in a webinar. Consider volunteering your time and expertise to help further FICP's mission. There are many ways to become more involved in this growing association.

Recruiting Rewards

Think about whom you know. Is there someone who would benefit from becoming an FICP member? Perhaps it's someone you know through another organization, or maybe it's someone who works for your company. Send them an e-mail with a link to the Web site. Tell them what you value personally and professionally about your membership and why they would benefit by joining FICP. If you choose, you can send an e-mail message to FICP Headquarters (info@ficpnet.com) with referral information and we'll make the call. Either way, if your new recruit joins FICP, we'll enter your name in a drawing to receive a recruitment prize at the end of the year.