To the Editor:

I read your editor's note in the May/June 2004 issue of ICP magazine. Like my other ICPA colleagues, I was surprised to hear of the relocation of our headquarters to Chicago and the arrangements with SmithBucklin.

The statement oft quoted to justify the action has been to “take ICPA to the next level.” Personally, I voted for the expansion of our membership to include financial organizations. So many insurance companies have expanded into financial services, like banking, and vice versa, that it seemed to make sense.

The question that no one seems to answer is what exactly is the “next level?” What does it look like? MPI [Meeting Professionals International]? Who or what does it include? What is excluded? I read all the communications; they appear to be silent on this topic. I also wonder what the true potential market is? Are there several hundred planners out there somewhere that we don't know about? Is it a reasonable assumption that this new membership exists to the extent we have now created a strategic plan to incorporate? Who validated the market information?
James R. Wolfe, CMP
Director Administrative Services
NCCI Holdings Inc.
Boca Raton, Fla.

The President of ICPA Replies:
We are happy when our members share their concerns. The Board of Directors of ICPA has attempted to communicate as clearly as possible why the move was made and the importance to the association for making the move. It was a very difficult decision that was not taken lightly. Please refer to the President's letter in the ICPA Newsletter, page 63 of this issue, where I have provided additional background information for the entire membership on the importance of the move. I also encourage Mr. Wolfe and all ICPA members to feel free to contact any member of the ICPA board for further clarification or to discuss specific issues or concerns. We welcome your feedback.
Debbie Boschee, CMP
President, ICPA