Have the answers to these questions ready before you call the golf director at your meeting resort. * What are your preferred course(s), date(s), and start time(s)?

* What is the number of players and their general skill levels?

* What is the purpose of the event? Are you rewarding incentive qualifiers? Entertaining your customers?

* What is your group's golfing history? (The golf director would like to know how many players have signed up for your tournament in the past, how much money you typically spend on golf, and the types of courses your golfers have played before.)

* What is your preferred tournament format? (See box for two popular tournament formats.)

* Are you considering incorporating group clinics into your golf schedule?

* How many sets of rental clubs and/or pairs of rental shoes do you need?

* What are your food and beverage needs while at the golf course?

* Do you need an area available for an awards presentation immediately following the golf tournament?

* What events are planned before and after the golf tournament, and where will they take place?

* Do you want to use any of the course's professional tournament services, such as score-keeping or running specialty contests (closest to the pin, for example), during the tournament?

Sources: Brad Doyle, Grand Cypress Resort, (407) 239-1956, and How to Plan Great Golf & Tennis Events for Groups, by The Wailea Golf Club and Tennis Club. For a free copy, call (808) 879-4465 or e-mail marketing@ waileagolf.com

Scramble--Each player hits a tee shot. The best drive is selected and all players hit their second shots from there. This process of choosing the best shot continues until the ball is in the cup.

Use this format when: You have a significant number of beginners, you want to encourage teamwork and camaraderie rather than competition, time is an issue

Best Ball--Each player plays his or her own ball. The two lowest scores on each hole make up the team score for the hole.

Use this format when: You're playing a well-known course where serious golfers would want to play their own balls, but you'd still like a team atmosphere.

Both formats have endless variations. Share your goals with the golf pro, and he or she can help you select the best format.