Unity--an admirable meeting theme and goal. How to make it happen? Lots of hard work. Lynne Scheueler, meetings manager at the Principal Financial Group in Des Moines, Iowa, describes what corporate executives hope to accomplish at the 1999 Synergy Incentive Meeting, the first time qualifiers from the Individual Insurance Division, the International Division, and the Residential Mortgage Division will be together for an incentive program: "The goals for the meeting are to create unity among the business units, to strengthen their internal partnership, to encourage more cross-selling, to discuss options for the company's growth, and, of course, to recognize and reward qualifiers." The site--the Hyatt Regency Kauai--is a step up for the company, and because it's a meeting that requires traveling over water, it will be a four-night meeting instead of three nights. And even though the three divisions are meeting together, each will still have its own reward ceremony.

That's a lot of information to convey in a promotional campaign, points out Cheri Johnson, ACS, recognition associate. "We solved the challenge by sending out one letter from the president describing his vision of the meeting and explaining everything, including all the technical information."