Hyatt Hotels & Resorts has created a list of 10 steps to make your meeting more sustainable. Put them into practice, you’ll get 3 percent off your final bill. 


1. Plan ahead
Surprises are lots of fun, but not for meetings. Provide us with your final meeting info and event orders 10 days in advance to reduce the use of last-minute resources.


2. Recycle
Commit to using the recycling bins provided by the hotel at all functions, meetings, offices, and guest rooms. (Hyatt notes that recycling services vary by property.)


3. Print locally
That’s the environmental choice—if you have to print at all, that is. And when you do, use recycled paper.


4. Ship less
Shipping meeting materials wastes fuel, paper, plastic, energy, and water. So, no more than one pallet of materials may be shipped to the hotel for each 100 rooms occupied, and no more than a half-pallet going home.

5. Take what you need
Rather than putting out individual pens and note pads, place meeting materials in a central location so meeting attendees take only what they need and the rest can be restocked.


6. Ban the bottle
Drinking lots of water is good. But not from a plastic bottle. Instead, order conveniently located filtered water stations.


7. Waste not
Eliminate as many disposable products at meetings as possible. Exceptions can be made for boxed meals and poolside service.


8. Be temperate

Set the meeting room temperature at an agreed-upon number and keep it there. Not too hot and not too cool is just right.


9. Eat local foods
Think of your meeting as a chance for you and your attendees to sample the local flavor. Ask for seasonal banquet menus that feature locally grown and sourced products.


10. Use recycled products
Choose 100 percent recycled paper and look for other items, such as menus and pens, that have at least some recycled material too.


Hyatt’s Meet and Be Green program is valid at participating hotels in the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean, but only for meetings booked and held by December 31. The 3 percent discount is issued as a credit on the total final master bill.