Todd A. Black
Director, Incentive and Convention Sales
Wyndham Jade
Fortville, Indiana

1. Destination selection is key. It is important to select a
destination that appeals to both the young & the old. For example, an
Alaskan Cruise would lend it self to an older crowd, while Vegas might
appeal to a younger crowd. There are plenty of destinations that would
appeal to both.

2. Avoid "adventure/extreme" incentives, such as climbing Mt.
Kilimanjaro, trekking in Nepal, white water rafting, etc. These would
obviously cater to the younger generation.

3. Offer activities/experiences on-site that cater to both by being
physically challenging as well as relaxing, such as ATV experience or an
island tour, club hopping in London or a night at the theater.

4. If utilizing a promotional campaign or program look and feel, be sure
to design it to appeal to both generations. Don't make it too "hip" and
youthful and don't make it too "old" and static. You need to find a
balance so that you connect with everyone.

Sebastien Tondeur
CEO Corporate Division
MCI Group Holding SA
Geneva, Switzerland

1. Be authentic. Do not create fake experiences people will find out about,
do not lie.

2. Involve the participantsā€¹both young and oldā€¹from the program's inception.

3. Make sure the program is consistent in quality over time.

4. Make sure the program considers work/life balance, which matters to all