F FUN: Your goal is to create fun family time, as well as to stimulate the children's understanding of all that the company does for their family.
A ACCESS: Access to their parents is important to children of top producers, who travel often, so carefully schedule all business events to avoid conflicts with outings.
M MONEY: To save money on transportation, child supervision, and insurance, complement a few top-notch, off-site family activities with a movie night, a board-game night, or a talent show.
I IN “SAFE HANDS”: Regularly provide security details to parents, beginning with your first communiqué. Never post security specifics on the program's Web site.
L LOCATION: Consider all-inclusive resorts with pools, family-sized suites, and kids' menus, in cities with a built-in “kid infrastructure,” from zoos to museums to amusement parks.
Y YOUNG & OLD: Create a program that includes age-appropriate activities, allowing one parent to take the older children and the other to take the younger ones.

Carl A. Mahnke, CMP, is senior director of catering and convention services at the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego.