As you all know, new and forthcoming regulations are fueling dramatic changes in pharmaceutical companies’ procedures for funding CME and planning meetings. We’ve heard from you that these changes are confusing and frustrating, especially since each company is interpreting the regulations differently. You’ve told us that it would be valuable to have a forum where you could openly discuss your challenges with your colleagues, and share strategies for surviving in the new regulatory environment. Toward that end,

  • Analysis of the revised Standards for Commercial Support

  • Planning the best event the law allows—how to keep the "Wow!" factor in doctors’ meetings without raising a red flag for government and industry regulators

  • Organizing consultant meetings in compliance with regulations

  • Developing effective, ethical partnerships between industry and CME providers

  • Elevating the public perception of industry- supported CME

The conference, supported by a grant from Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, will take place June 10 to 11 at the Park Hyatt Philadelphia.

For more information, contact CBI Registration at or call (800) 817-8601. There is a special discount for