The CCMEP exam, administered by the National Commission for Certification of CME Professionals, which created the designation program six years ago, consists of 150 questions in five content areas:
1.  Adult Learning Principles (15 percent)—covers currently accepted theory and research on how physicians learn, and research on ways physicians change professional behaviors
2.  Educational Interventions (30 percent)—covers such areas as needs assessment, target audience identification, faculty development, and informal learning facilitation
3.  Relationships With Stakeholders (10 percent)
4.  Leadership, Administration, and Management (25 percent)—covers organizational leadership and systems thinking
5.  Knowledge of the CME Environment (20 percent)—covers areas including regulatory guidelines, accreditation standards, and Maintenance of Certification
The CCMEP Quiz
Note: These sample questions, which were provided by the NC-CME, are not from the actual exam, but are meant to give an idea of the format the questions take.

1.  According to Knowles’s theory, which model provides a physician learner the ability to select a learning experience (i.e., CME activity) appropriate to what the learner should know?
    a. Cognitive model
    b. Competency model
    c. Assessment model
    d. Proficiency model

2. Relationships between physicians and their patients have been significantly impacted by:
    a. Internet access to health-related resources
    b. The increase in outpatient surgical procedures
    c. Maintenance of Certification (MOC)
    d. Commercially supported CME

3. According to ACCME policies, how long are activity attendance records required to be kept?
    a. Four years
    b. Six years
    c. Until the end of the provider’s current accreditation period
    d. Indefinitely