The Society for Worldwide Medical Exchange has released a country-by-country online compendium of pharmaceutical codes and continuing medical education rules and regulations. Called The Red Book for Medical Meetings, the guide has been endorsed by the Rome CME-CPD Group, an international organization dedicated to harmonizing CME systems.


The guide contains pharma and CME information for more than 100 countries. It is designed to help CME and continuing professional development providers, academic institutions, and pharmaceutical meeting planners ensure compliance with the regulations of countries in which they provide services, and to provide greater transparency within the industry. Among the topics it tracks are a country’s limitations on pharmaceutical company sponsorship of healthcare provider meals and other meeting-related expenses, and whether CME/CPD is required or voluntary.

For an annual subscription fee of $380, subscribers get both a print guide and access to an online version. Also included in the fee is access to an online glossary of terms, and contact information for national health authorities around the world. Subscribers can browse by region, by international organization, and by pharmaceutical company code of conduct.

The information will be updated continuously by the SWME staff under the direction of Rome CME-CPD Group Secretary General Alfonso Negri, who compiled the guide over the course of two years with the support of the SWME staff. Subscribers are notified of news and updates via a newsletter, and they can access updates by logging into the guide’s Web site.

The guide is an open-content style resource similar to the online encyclopedia Wikipedia; all the information has been gathered from existing sources, with detailed citations included within each item. While SWME staff will research daily to ensure the information is the most current and accurate, the organization does not guarantee the validity of the information provided, though it does include links to the original sources. Subscribers can submit comments and corrections to the editor, as well as request additional information or clarification on a particular country or topic. Subscription fees will be used to support the educational programs of the Society for Worldwide Medical Exchange and the Rome CME-CPD Group.