There were a total of more than 14 million physician participants at ACCME- and state-accredited provider activities in 2012, up almost 5 percent from 2011. This represents a steady growth in physician participants over the past several years. While hospitals/healthcare systems and medical schools may have held the most hours and activities for the total accredited CME enterprise, publishing/medical education companies drew the most physician participation, attracting more than three times as many physicians to their directly sponsored Internet enduring materials as the next leading contender, nonprofit physician membership organizations, and 35 percent more than physician associations to their jointly sponsored Web enduring materials.

When you break out those accredited by the different bodies, 84 percent of these physicians participated in activities from ACCME-accredited providers, with publishing/education companies being the biggest draw from this provider group, followed by medical schools and nonprofit physician membership organizations. For state-accredited providers, hospitals/healthcare delivery systems far outdistanced the other provider types in the number of physicians participating in their activities.

There were more than 10 million non-physicians participating in ACCME- and state-accredited CME in 2012, up almost 7 percent from 2011 and almost 92 percent since 2005. Eighty-three percent of these HCPs attended activities by ACCME-accredited providers; the remaining 17 percent participated in activities from state-accredited providers. Growth rates for both provider groups reflected the rate for the CME enterprise as a whole.