Are you stuck on a business problem or curious about how to get an edge on the competition? Invite me to your brainstorming session and I’ll give you more ideas than you can shake a stick at. An hour should be enough (30 minutes will be even better). I do my best thinking on my feet. Please schedule it before noon. I’ve been up since 5 a.m.—got my workout in this morning and I’m pumped! Just make sure there is a fresh pot of coffee (the real stuff, please—decaf is for wimps).

I need energy, excitement, and a new string of challenges to perform at my optimum. If it isn’t fun, I’m not interested. I’ve got tons of good ideas and a vast network of professional colleagues who know how to get things done. My time horizon is now! I get a little bit bored with strategic planning beyond the 12-month time frame. Life moves quickly and so do I.

If you want to sell me on a new idea, tell me about immediate benefits—either for our organization or for me. But you’d better be quick-witted if you really want to catch my attention. Green colleagues, please don’t show me 100 slides with a detailed analysis. You’ll lose me that way. I trust you and that you’ve done your homework. Get to the point—better yet; tell me the point first and then let me ask questions.

I’ll sleep well tonight knowing that my Yellow colleagues will handle all the details and develop the plan, the timeline, and the logistics. I welcome a reminder from my Blue colleagues about birthdays that I might miss—and I always appreciate a high-five! Let’s rock!