In good news for continuing medical education providers, more than one-third of physicians (38 percent) responding to Medical Meetings’ annual survey said that CME activities are "extremely effective" in meeting their needs, while none said that activities were "not at all effective." Fifty four percent said that activities were "somewhat effective," while 7 percent said they were "slightly effective.".

There's also excellent news for providers who produce meetings. Physician respondents earned 41 percent of their credits during the previous year attending out-of-town meetings﷓the highest percentage in more than a decade. The next-most-popular choice was attending local meetings, with physicians earning 19 percent of their credits through that method, while they logged 17 percent of their credits through reading journals. Docs earned 11 percent of their credits through online CME, up from 7 percent last year. Online CME is poised to increase even more in the near future, as 46 percent of respondents said they plan to participate in Internet point-of-care activities in the next 12 months.

For more results, watch for the January/February 2008 issue of Medical Meetings.