Planning a pharmaceutical or medical device meeting can be tough enough when it’s being held in the U.S., but once you step outside U.S. borders, it can get even tougher. The 7th Annual Pharmaceutical Meeting Management Forum will offer sessions to help meeting managers navigate their way to successful overseas conferences. One session will focus on what exhibitors need to know to overcome the logistical and regulatory challenges of planning and executing an exhibit program abroad, from how to expand your marketing message globally, to learning the differences between exhibiting in the U.S. versus Europe, Asia/Pacific, and Latin America, to demystifying a budgeting process that involves varying exchange rates.

A second session will explore the challenges of establishing a global program. Because the U.S. isn’t alone in regulating what can and cannot be done when it comes to industry/healthcare professionals interaction, this session will include a review of international guidelines and regulations, and how to adhere to the regulatory requirements for including or having HCPs at a meeting that includes international travel.

There will be lots of session to learn from for those who keep their meetings closer to home as well, including how to develop and implement an SMMP, best practices in managing HCP-related data, and ways you can move forward in your career.

To register or learn more about the 7th Annual Pharmaceutical Meeting Management Forum, coming March 27–29 to the Marriott Philadelphia Downtown and co-sponsored by Medical Meetings and The Center for Business Intelligence, visit the conference Web site.