Welcome baskets and pillow gifts are time-honored ways of showing your group their presence is appreciated. Locally made goods are an especially suitable way to extend any meeting's Hawaiian theme.

Far from being just for tourists, leis are treasured by locals, who present them to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, and other special occasions. Among the most popular are those made

of white and yellow ginger blossoms, usually in four strands and quite intricate; Pakalana violets (about 140 flowers are needed for just one strand, and multiple strands are preferred); and Pikake jasmine, named by Princess Kaiulani after the pikake (peacocks) that lived among the jasmine bushes in her garden. The beauty of these delicate leis is ethereal, so you may want to consider the Lei Kukui, made of kukui nuts sanded to shiny perfection with jewelers' files, which lasts for many years.

Everyone appreciates fragrant bags of Hawaiian coffee to take back home. Other edible treats (which will probably be gobbled on the spot) include fresh pineapple, delicious Maui potato chips, guava and papaya jams and jellies, coconut chips, and anything made with macadamia nuts-from chocolate-covered candies to chewy cookies. Aloha shirts and muumuus also make excellent (though pricey) gifts. Aloha shirts also come in styles for formal wear.

You might consider including passes to the Waikiki Trolley, an open-air vehicle that makes stops at 20 of Honolulu's and Waikiki's favorite shopping and visitor attractions. Rather than a guided tour, the trolley allows users to stay at one spot as long as they like before moving on to the next. It's a great way to explore the Honolulu area-and completely hassle-free for the meeting executive.