Postgraduate Institute for Medicine

367 Inverness Way
Suite 215
Englewood, CO 80112
Michael Lemon MBA, FACME, CCMEP, President
720-895-5329, 800-423-3576
Fax 303-858-8848;

Business model: Education Only
Capabilities: Global
Type of firewall: Separate companies/divisions
Tax status: For profit
Year founded: 1979
Parent/sibling company: Jobson Healthcare Information LLC
Alliances or strategic partnerships: Various academic and strategic healthcare provider alliances
CME advisory board: Yes
Joint sponsor programs: Yes
Co-sponsor programs: Yes
ACCME accredited: Yes
Credit provided for: Physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dentists
Majority of company funding from: industry, medical associations, other home care organizations
Number of employees: 21
Number of licensed healthcare professionals on staff: 7
Education format: Vast experience with all live and enduring formats
Primary activities: Joint sponsorship, outcomes measurement, professional practice gap and content validation, online eLearning platform,
Area of therapeutic expertise/specialty: PIM provides activities that encompass almost all areas of contemporary medicine
Member of: NAMEC, Alliance for CME