Mobile Apps for Events: Now it's Personal
This eBook will show you why mobile has become so personally intertwined with our daily lives, and why that’s important for your meetings, conferences, and events. We’ll cover how mobile apps are changing event expectations and experiences, along with what to look for in your own event app.


Social Media Power Plays for Events focuses on how social media strategies and tactics shift during the event. This eBook includes tips for increasing engagement, building event loyalty, and amplifying the best moments of the event.


Event Marketing 2.0 dives deeply into the social media landscape with advice for developing a social media strategy for your event. In this eBook, Cvent outlines how to best leverage each social media platform to increase event registrations.


Attendees now expect instant access to important event information—in the palms of their hands! Our Mobile App Marketing Playbook outlines marketing techniques to ensure maximum adoption of the app before, during, and after the event.


There are hundreds of reasons why you should go mobile at your events. If you've been on-the-fence, thinking about a mobile app for your events but weren't sure how to start, get your copy of Mobile Apps: The New Event Essential.