"The latest techno wonder is always hot in the incentive market, says Karen Renk, executive director of the Incentive Marketing Association in Naperville, Ill. "I am hearing that plasma-screen TVs for very high-end programs are in demand. Flat-screens are big. Also, MP3 players are really trendy."

Michelle Smith, vice president of strategic sales at Bravanta in San Francisco, reports seeing lot of demand for digital cameras, DVD players, CD players, and flat screen TVs. "Moving forward, I think the developments in TV technology (DLP, HDTV, plasma, etc.) will mean more demand for these as prices fall. For example, DVD players were over $1000 when they first came out, and now you can buy low-end units for $100. There is still significant growth in DVD because a majority of households have not converted from VHS technology. "

She also expects increasing demand for digital cameras as prices fall and quality improves, and for MP3 players "to pop in the next six to 12 months."

At USMotivation in Atlanta, marketing manager Anne Klein reports the following items as falling in the top 20 across a sampling of eight client programs: DVD players/changers, telephones and fax machines, TVs, camcorders, cameras, and stereos.

What's the next hot thing? "Anything digital ," says Klein, "from digital cameras like the Sony Cybershot, to digital video cameras, to portable DVD players. We have offered memory sticks for digital equipment, and even they have been hot recently."