The annual study on travel taxes by the Global Business Travel Association once again found Chicago and New York leading the way in car rental, hotel, and meal taxes. Four out of five of the cities with the highest taxes in 2011 topped the list in 2010 as well, with Kansas City, Mo., creeping up into the top five this year. On the inexpensive side, Fort Lauderdale and Fort Meyers, Florida, once again were found to have the lowest taxes, as was the case in 2010.

Here are the results for central city locations, factoring in general sales taxes and travel taxes:

1. Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
2. Fort Myers, Fla.
3. West Palm Beach, Fla.
4. Detroit
5. Portland, Ore.

1. Chicago
2. New York
3. Seattle
4. Boston
5. Kansas City, Mo

“The difference in the effective tax rate on travelers from one city to the next is quite remarkable,” said Joe Bates, GBTA Foundation director of research. “For instance, a traveler who visits Chicago pays 80 percent more in taxes during their one-night stay than a traveler visiting Ft. Lauderdale.”

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