The ATA Carnet, issued by the U. S. Council for International Business (USCIB), New York City, is valid for a full year, for as many countries as you might enter and as many events as you have during that period--as long as the packing list stays the same. It not only expedites international customs clearance, but also simplifies re-entry into the U.S. because it consolidates so much information.

Using an ATA Carnet incurs the following costs: * Processing fee: Ranges from $120 for shipments valued at less than $5,000, to $250 for shipments valued at $500,000 or more.

* Security deposit: 40 percent of the value of the shipment (100 percent for Israel and South Korea). The deposit may be paid either by check or by surety bond. If you pay by surety bond, there is an additional charge of one percent of the security deposit, that is, $10 for each $1,000 of the deposit.

The application can now be completed electronically. The processing fee is slightly higher but includes next-day service. ATA Carnet Application Software (ATACAS) also eliminates repetitive data entry and provides immediate fee calculations. A free copy of ATACAS is available from the carnet offices at the U.S. Counsel for International Business at (212) 703-5073. For information, call Cindy Duncan, director, carnet marketing and administration, at (212) 703-5079, or go to

English: Where are my boxes?

French: Ou son mes boites?

Italian: Dove sono le mie scatole?

German: Wo sind meinen Kasten?

Spanish: Donde estan mis cajas?