You can tuck this pillow gift right under the covers. Softbelly's stuffed animals aren't just cute little fuzzy giveaways, they're also useful computer tools. The bellies on each of the 24 critters — from Peggy Sue Moo to Bowser Browser to Squeaky Clean the mouse — are made of optical-grade chamois and are intended as a monitor cleaner.

What's more, the animals are customizable. You can laser print your logo on the belly or foil stamp it on the collar. If you've really got a budget, you can custom design. Microsoft is having the company make butterfly monitor cleaners to reference its MSN logo.

After receiving its utility patent in early March, Softbelly's is eagerly courting the corporate market. While volume discounts are negotiable, an order of 500 stuffed Cyber Tigers, or any of the other creatures, will cost you about $10 apiece, including custom work. Twelve more designs will be released this fall. Contact Softbelly's in Van Nuys, Calif., at (877) 638-9327;