Business life has undergone much change since September 11. And though most are doing their best to keep to "business as usual," nearly half of U.S. companies responding to a recent survey say they are conducting business differently.

According to a survey by Management Recruiters International Inc. (MRI), Cleveland, Ohio, nearly 45 percent of executives polled said that their companies have changed the way they do business post 9/11.

Specifically, of the nearly 1,800 executives surveyed, 30.7% said that their companies have somewhat changed the way they conduct business, while 14.1% said the change has been great.

Reported are changes in day-to-day business activities such as a reduction in business travel in favor of teleconferencing or web conferencing, for example. Disaster contingency planning, an increase in telecommuting, and a shift in the way companies look at their real estate and how they distribute their operations geographically are a more examples of how companies are conducting business differently.

More than 40% of those executives surveyed, however, said that little or nothing had changed in the way they conduct their day-to-day business since September 11. 19.2% said that their companies had not changed anything and 21.8% said that they had only slightly changed how business is being conducted.

MRI is one of the world's largest search and recruitment organizations with more than 1,100 offices worldwide. MRI is a subsidiary of specialized staffing and outsourcing leader CDI Corp.