The view from the top of the Sydney Opera House is dizzying — even from the safety of your desk. See for yourself at Landmark architecture, a stunning location, and some stylish Flash programming create one of the coolest virtual tours we've ever seen. Visitors with high-speed Internet bounce (yes, bounce) from the Opera House rooftops to the harborside promenade to the interior concert halls, even the parking lot. There are more than 50 different locations in the facility to visit on this self-guided tour, and each offers a 360-degree panorama.

The site gives one an appreciation not only for the beauty of Sydney and its Opera House, but for the educational and entertainment value of a well-constructed Web tour as well. Planners who want to fire up a group headed to Sydney will do well to forward the link. For organizers who are looking for a special event venue, the Opera House is in the business. If they do events half as well as they do Web sites, expect something great.