California Gov. Jerry Brown issued an executive order April 26 banning all travel by state employees that is not “mission critical.” Attendance at conferences and meetings, either in-state or out of state, is prohibited as they are not considered mission-critical.

“Our fiscal challenges demand that we take a much closer look at how taxpayer dollars are being spent within state government,” said Brown. “Now is not the time to attend conferences, travel to meetings, or take out-of-state field trips, and this executive order puts an end to it.”

The executive order, effective immediately, is part of an effort to cut expenses for the rest of this year and for the 2011–2012 fiscal year. The governor is looking to reduce a $25 billion budget deficit. State officials don’t know how much will be saved by banning nonessential travel, according to a story by Bloomberg.

Conferences, networking opportunities, professional development courses, continuing education classes and seminars, nonessential meetings that can be conducted by phone or videoconference, and events for the sole purpose of making a presentation unless approved by the department director are all subject to the ban.