When you pick up your copy of Fast Company, do you think the story about the person whose title is “Knowledge Sorceress” is a little bit ridiculous? A lot ridiculous? When a product manager tells you that he wants to discuss product launch “granularity,” do you think first of sugar and salt? Have you ever wondered whether there is a company left that is not “leveraging its assets”? If so, friend, www.buzzwhack.com is for you. BuzzWhack is the creation of John Walston, former assistant editor at USA Today. Like a lot of people, Walston thinks the tech industry has committed more than its fair share of butchery of the English language. Also like a lot of people, he does not wish to be confused with language purists, whom he thinks of as nearly as useless as the marketers who throw “functionality,” seemingly at random, into sentences.

Unlike a lot of people, Walston is using the Web to, if not fight back, at least wave a fist at the absurdity of tech-industry coinages. After all, how many times can you hear software described as “best of breed” before you start barking?

Of course, the best thing about buzzwhack.com is that Walston wants to hear from you, personally, about the latest nutty word you've heard or impenetrable press release you've received. Click on the “Give Someone a Whack” link and send a message explaining why a person or organization in the tech industry deserves to be dumped on for mangling the language or making inflated claims. Check the “Buzzword Complaint Dictionary” to learn that you can insult somebody by saying they have “a 1K buffer” (a particularly low capacity for learning and remembering new things). And if you really start enjoying it, sign up for the Buzzword of the Day, which will appear in your e-mail daily, or perhaps subscribe to “BuzzWhackery,” an e-newsletter that will arrive once a week with news about additions to the site.