I.C. Axon, a Montreal-based provider of on-line learning software to the healthcare industry, today launched the LearningCampaign, continuing its innovative leadership in sales force training solutions.

"I.C. Axon is excited to offer this exclusive training solution to our clients," says John Monahan, President and CEO of I.C. Axon. "We are changing the way pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies train their sales force before, during, and after the product launch. Our flexible solution simplifies the training process and aligns the marketing and training needs of the sales force."

The LearningCampaign is a coordination and planning solution for pre- and post-launch sales force training. This healthcare learning solution was specially designed to deliver content on foundational learning, the disease state, diagnosis and treatment, product, marketplace, and marketing messages. Because of the flexible phased-delivery approach, existing client training content and technology can be easily incorporated into a LearningCampaign. This flexibility can help satisfy budgetary goals and bypass technology restraints.

I.C. Axon has accumulated more than eight years of practical eLearning experience, along with thousands of hours devoted to research and development. That experience was used to conceive and develop the LearningCampaign.

"The LearningCampaign meets today's e-learning challenges by introducing a blended learning practice that is aimed at designing, building, and implementing the right knowledge, to the right audience, in the right way, in the right environment, at the right time - all within a business strategy," says Martin Robert, PhD, Senior Director of eLearning Strategy.

For more information about the LearningCampaign, call 888-421-7691 or visit the I.C. Axon booth at the SPBT Conference in Toronto, Canada from June 16 to 19, 2002.