IDG World Expo, which produces technology-focused trade shows and conferences such as Macworld and LinuxWorld, is going after IT companies' proprietary events with the launch of IDG World Expo Custom Events Group.

This is Framingham, Mass. — based IDG's World Expo's effort to get in on what David Korse, president of IDG World Expo, believes is an emerging trend in the IT industry, if not the business world in general. According to the George P. Johnson/MPI Foundation Trends Report 2004, 41 percent of surveyed companies expect their expenditures to increase for event marketing. IDG's own study on technology marketing spending shows that IT companies are increasing their spending on events as well.

Even though IT companies are recognizing the importance of holding these custom events, Korse says these companies are more interested in focusing on their core business, which is where the Custom Events Group comes in. This group will, Korse says, use IDG's experience in the IT event management market to organize and plan original and proprietary events, from content development to event logistics.