An exclusive producer survey conducted every two years by Insurance Conference Planner magazine revealed that although agents want to be pampered by spa treatments and stay in beachfront resorts, they also believe that high-quality education is an important part of an incentive program.

Other key findings:

-When asked if they were less motivated by travel today than pre-9/11, 86 percent said no.

-For the first time, spa treatments are the number one preferred incentive trip activity, followed by sightseeing, scuba/snorkeling, and golf.

-The favorite international destinations were much the same as two years ago: Caribbean was by far the front-runner, followed by Australia, Bermuda, and Western Europe

-Hawaii was the number one U.S. destination, followed by Las Vegas, Southern California/San Diego, and Miami/Ft. Lauderdale.

-The number of agents under 30 who responded to the survey grew from 9 percent two years ago to 19 percent.

-The number of producers who register online is still surprisingly low, only 18 percent. But 44 percent of the respondents said they would like to register online, versus 33 percent two years ago. And more than half go online to research the destination.

-As in the past, independent producers who can qualify for trips from more than one company, say that the destination is the number one reason why they’d choose one company’s incentive program over another.

The survey was conducted by Primedia Business Marketing Research in October and November, and mailed to 1,200 producers from four insurance/financial services companies across the U.S. There were 301 replies, a 25 percent response rate.