Between July 20 and 25 in Stockholm, the largest-ever global gathering of Alzheimer’s scientists will take place at the 8th International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders. The conference is expected to attract nearly 4,000 leading researchers who will present, review and discuss as many as 2,000 studies on the latest research into the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and costs of Alzheimer’s.

This year’s conference, hosted by the Chicago-based Alzheimer’s Association, is attracting nearly twice as many studies than the previous meeting held in 2000, a trend the Association’s William H. Thies, PhD, vice president of medical and scientific affairs, says reflects the considerable growth and momentum in Alzheimer’s research in just two years.

“More researchers than ever before are working to advance our understanding of Alzheimer’s and improve our ability to prevent and more effectively treat this devastating disease,” Thies says. “The sheer volume of scientific abstracts submitted for presentation in Stockholm, along with the number of scientists attending the Conference, reflects the significant activity in Alzheimer’s research.”

According to Thies, “The Alzheimer research being presented ranges from basic science and cellular studies to sophisticated technology with the potential to accelerate the pace and sharpen the focus of Alzheimer research. In addition, research addressing cost and quality of life issues for Alzheimer’s sufferers and their caregivers, will also be presented.”

An opening reception on Sunday night, July 21, will take place at Skansen, a magnificent open-air museum, market, and performance space where attendees can explore Swedish history, music, and dance. They'll have the opportunity to become acquainted with local flora and fauna, eat Swedish specialties, and visit authentic farmsteads and Town Quarters featuring "residents" and craftspeople in period costume—all while enjoying daylight until 10 p.m.

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