Richard B. Green, vice president, industry relations and association sales for Marriott International, says that in the immediate aftermath of the attacks, there were cancellations, and that Marriott was lenient on planners in terms of penalty fees. But since the middle of October, the company has returned to its previous policies.

"The amount of cancellations was obviously expected, but we think that if things stay the way they are, cancellations related to the attacks are finished," he said. "People are getting back to business, and we’re doing the same."

According to Green, there have been attrition figures between 8 and 10 percent for association meetings, but he attributes that as much to a flagging economy as to lingering affects of the attacks. At any rate he said, planners who anticipate reduced attendance should make hotel salespeople aware of it early on in order to mitigate any financial penalties.

He also noted that the slowdown in travel, though not as drastic as was being predicted in late September and early October, brings with it an upside. "There is certainly more negotiability for planners when the economy is down," he said.