E-detailing--receiving information about pharmaceuticals via the Internet--is a growing trend. But physicians still want to see detailers, too--just less often.

Manhattan Research www.manhattanresearch.com , a healthcare marketing services firm, recently announced findings from their ePharma Physician database analyzing physician adoption and future interest in electronic detailing programs. The ePharma Physician database provides unrivaled insight into the technology "early adopter" physician, their current usage and their desired channel mix for pharmaceutical information today and in the future. The data and resulting analysis are derived from over 800 hours of in-depth research with 1,960 practicing physicians.


* PHYSICIAN DEMAND FOR EDETAILING IS SIGNIFICANT AND GROWING: Thirty-eight percent of physicians are interested in receiving electronic information about Rx products online. That's up from twenty-seven percent of practicing physicians in the previous year.

* DOCTORS STILL WANT THEIR SALES REP: Although physicians generally want to reduce the time they spend with pharmaceutical sales reps, they do not want to replace them with technology. Look for opportunities where electronic detailing adds disproportionate value to the relationship, such as product launches and new indications.

* DOCTORS USING EDETAILING SEE MORE PATIENTS AND WRITE MORE PRESCRIPTIONS THAN THE AVERAGE PHYSICIAN: While the average physician reports seeing 108 patients and writing 131 prescriptions per week, physicians currently using electronic detailing programs report seeing 120 patients and writing 179 prescriptions per week.

* EDETAILING PHYSICIANS RANK INNOVATIVE "E" PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES: Market leaders (as defined by physicians) include Merck, GSK, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Novartis, Aventis, Pharmacia and Eli Lilly.

These trends are derived from the ePharma Physician data set available exclusively to clients of Manhattan Research. For additional information about gaining client level access to the research and findings please contact Joe Farris at 212-739-9879.