Physicians World (PW), a publisher and accredited CME provider based in Secaucus, N.J., is expanding its Advanced HealthMarket Strategies (AHS) division to better meet the educational needs of evolving and emerging markets. AHS is tailoring PW's core medical education programs to meet the unique learning needs of professionals responsible for balancing the demands of patient care and budgetary constraints.

``Healthcare marketers who seek to educate their customers must recognize the ramifications of issues within emerging markets,'' said John Clay, general manager for AHS. ``AHS is well poised to help marketers successfully compete.''

AHS has experience in specialty markets including managed, long-term, and transitional care models; hospitals; employer groups; and government healthcare segments. These sectors often face challenges integrating medical knowledge and managing informational roadblocks.

Using their experience, AHS breaks down communication bottlenecks to disseminate important concepts about new therapies in ways physicians and other healthcare providers can understand. The group plans programs for physicians, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, hospitalists, and economic decision makers.

For detailed information about AHS, call (800) 223-8978 or visit