There’s been a changing of the APEX guard. The reins of the APEX (Accepted Practices Exchange) Technology Advisory Council have been handed to E.J. Siwek, CMP, president and founder of FLASHpoint Technologies, LLC. Siwek will chair the council, taking over where Corbin Ball, CMP, left off. Ball, founder of Corbin Ball Associates, recently resigned from the position due to the increasing demands of his company.

Siwek is a frequent presenter on meeting industry technologies issues. Previously, Siwek was president and founder of SCLM Software, Inc., a designer of meeting management software including Meeting Matrix, and served as director of operations for the Juran Institute, Inc. In 2000, Siwek served as conference director for ILAC 2000, a biennial international conference with delegates from 62 world economies and hosted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology for the International Laboratory Accreditation Council.

TAC is a taskforce assembled to support the mission of the APEX Commission and industry panels by providing industry collaboration and technological assistance, particularly in the area of data mapping. The TAC reports to the APEX Commission, which is chaired by Mickey Schaefer, CAE, vice president of the American Academy of Family Physicians.