Sweet Liaison Chocolates in San Ramon, Calif., is among the companies that will fashion a business card out of chocolate for you. What puts these treats at the head of the Rolodex is the quality of their goods. The company uses Belgian Callebaut chocolate — dark, milk, or white — to create 2-by-3-by ¼-inch bars that resemble corporate business cards. Company owner Steve Burchik doesn't recommend including all the details you normally would on a business card — who's going to keep it around for the phone number anyway? — but the “cards” can really sweeten up your logo. The minimum order is 100 bars at $1.30 each. The price drops to 99 cents each for orders of 500 or more, with a further discount for orders of more than 1,500. A sugar-free chocolate is also available. For more information, call Burchik at (800) 520-9599.