What Do Female Physicians Want In CME?

Do a quick head count at your next CME program: If you’re like many CME providers, you’ll see a lot more men than women. But why?

That's what MM would like to find out. We’d like to hear your opinions and experiences. Please answer the following questions and fax or e-mail, along with your contact information, to: Sue Pelletier, fax (978) 449-0105, e-mail spelletier@intertec.com. A followup based on your responses will be published in an upcoming issue. All responses will remain anonymous unless you indicate otherwise.

•How big an issue is attracting female physicians to meetings? Do you see it being an area of concern for the future?

•What are some of the barriers you see that keep female physicians from participating in meetings?

•What types of format, content, scheduling, location, and faculty have you found to be attractive to female physicians?

•Have you specifically targeted women in marketing your meetings? If so, how?

•Have you held special events at your meetings targeted to women, or done anything else at meetings to help women feel more comfortable, or to encourage their attendance?

•Do you think men and women learn differently? If yes, how?