Most meeting planners don’t have much to do with a hotel’s revenue manager, but they do need to know that person’s role: “The revenue manager’s job is to drive rate; that’s all they are about,” said Vachon.

While revenue managers are not involved in evaluating concessions, they are responsible for RevPAR, or revenue per available room. This includes items like food and beverage spend and space rental, but remember that room rates will always reign for revenue managers, because “a hotel room can only be sold once. It’s a perishable item,” said Vachon. While you can negotiate, there will be a bottom-line, walk-away price when it comes to room rates, said Rudkins. Once you reach that, “you have to move on to concessions. There’s nothing else we can do at that point.” Added Vachon, “If a hotel can’t be competitive on rates, go with concessions to make it work for you.”