While medical meeting professionals have been preparing for the Sunshine Act for years, there is one provision that took some by surprise when it was brought up by keynote speaker Daniel Garen, senior vice president and chief compliance officer at Wright Medical Technology, Arlington, Tenn., at the 9th Annual Pharma Forum March 20—dispute resolution.

Dispute resolution is a process outlined within the Physician Payment Sunshine Act that allows physicians to challenge the expenditures that pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers have attributed to them.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid require companies to report data for August 1, 2013, through December 2013 by March 31, 2014. The data goes public by September 30, 2014. CMS will give HCPs 45 days to review their data and dispute any discrepancies. “If you find a mistake, report it right away,” said Garen. “If you make a mistake, it’s $10,000. If you don’t report it [and it’s discovered], it’s $100,000.