In a changing world, schedules, job tasks, and even routine responsibilities sometimes combine to present insurmountable challenges for their allotted time frames. Today we work faster, accomplish more, and at the same time try to stay focused on our primary mission/purpose. However, from time to time, I find myself needing to review the basic premises for all that we try to achieve.

At the time of this writing, my organization is only three weeks from the start of our annual church conference, which will convene in Columbus, Ohio. We are also addressing the details for the next five annual conferences. Thanks to a great assistant and a competent staff, we will somehow bring these meetings to fruition. At a recent meeting of our executive committee, we again assessed why we have this great gathering and its mission and objectives.

We must frequently and intentionally remind ourselves and those within our organizations of the “Why, Where, When, and How” for our meetings.

RCMA continues to provide one of the greatest venues for those of us in the meeting-planning trenches to strategize with suppliers/vendors about how to produce top-quality meetings and functions. The 2007 RCMA conference in Louisville, Kentucky, January 31 to February 3, will provide one of the greatest meeting experiences available and will be a great inspiration to each and every attendee. Remember to register and encourage a friend or colleague to join us in Louisville in 2007.
T.M. Jackson