8 a.m. Behind-the-Scenes Experience
(Advance registration required)
A unique opportunity is being offered to conference attendees to become personally involved in the inner operation of a newspaper and TV station, a convention bureau, or a hotel or convention center. Here's your chance to go behind the scenes to gain an insider's perspective from professionals. The choice of back-of-the house activities range from newspaper/television production and convention bureau administration to food and beverage, convention services, and hotel room management. This learning experience begins at 8 a.m. and concludes by 1:30 p.m. Complimentary breakfast and luncheon are served. Space is limited, so register early to secure you choice of activity.

Noon-6:30 p.m. Registration
Tampa Convention Center

1:30 p.m. New Member Orientation
The RCMA Conference is a powerful tool for you, both personally and professionally. As a first-time meeting planner attendee, you will meet RCMA's Board of Directors, become acquainted with other professionals in the field, and gain insight into what you can expect at the conference and how to maximize the experience.

2:30 p.m. Sightseeing Tours:
(Advance registration required)

  1. Dolphin Qwest. Venture out on the water, encountering Florida's spectacular wildlife in its natural setting. The Dolphin Qwest tour takes place aboard a new, 64-foot, 49-passenger catamaran that sails into Tampa Bay, home to more than 400 bottlenose dolphins. It's also one of the best places in Florida to view endangered manatees, numerous species of birds, and an abundance of native fish.

  2. Lowry Park Zoo & Manatee Hospital. Take a rare peek behind the scenes at the David A. Straz Jr. Manatee Hospital. Explore the inner workings of the critical-care facility, which provides rehabilitation services to sick, injured, and orphaned manatees. Observe closely the recuperating manatees in the hospital's treatment pools. Learn how Lowry Park Zoo ensures the proper rescue and care of the manatees, and hear about the animals' path to recovery and release.

  3. Tampa City Tour. Discover Tampa's past and present. Visit historical Ybor City and make a quick stop at the Henry B. Plant Museum on the campus of the University of Tampa. View the upscale homes along Bayshore Boulevard and the waterfront area. See the Ice Palace Arena, Garrison Seaport Cruise Terminal, and recently restored Union Train Station.

  4. Ybor City Walking Tour. Stroll this historic district, enjoying the charm of century-old buildings, red-brick streets, and Spanish wrought-iron balconies. Your route follows the legendary path of the cigar factories, landmark mutual aid club buildings, and on to Seventh Avenue, where shopping and dining options draw thousands, just as they did at the turn of the century.

4:45 p.m. New Exhibitor Orientation
This orientation is for those who are attending their first RCMA Conference as exhibitors. Come and meet others in your profession and learn from veterans about how to gain the most from this landmark conference and exposition.

7-9 p.m. Grand Reception: “A Watery Wonderland”
Thrill to a wondrous journey as we explore the remarkable living galleries of world-class Florida Aquarium, with its 10,000 animals and plants from the wetlands, bays, beaches, and coral reefs. View sea dragons from Australia, animals without backbones, alligator pipefish, moon jellies, and giant isopods; touch live sharks and stingrays without getting wet. The aquarium is a truly incredible setting for our grand reception, which features cuisine, hospitality, and fellowship at their finest.
Sponsors: The Florida Aquarium, Hyatt Regency Tampa


8 a.m. Opening General Session and Breakfast
Sponsor: Tampa Bay Convention & Visitors Bureau

It Only Takes a Minute … To Change

If you remember those familiar advertising jingles for Pizza Hut, Cadillac, Oldsmobile, and 7Eleven stores, then you have heard Willie Jolley. These are just a handful of the dozens of commercials Jolley recorded during a professional singing career that began when he signed his first record deal at the age of 17.

You still might be hearing Jolley if it weren't for an unsuccessful singing engagement in Nashville, Tenn. “I realized I was more than a singer. It was a moment that changed my life.” When Jolley returned home to Washington, D.C., he began to change his life.

Soon after that Nashville experience, he was invited to give an inspirational talk at a junior college. “I sang a song and then spoke for 15 minutes. People were taking notes! They believed I had something to say!”

Indeed, he did — and does. Since that day in 1991, Jolley has carved a niche for himself as a leading motivational speaker, singer, and author.

Willie Jolley, President
Willie Jolley Productions Inc.

10 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Grand Opening/Expo 2002
Expo 2002 is bigger and better than ever, with the most exciting exhibit display in RCMA's 30-year history. The exhibition — the largest trade show in the world exclusively for the religious meetings market — offers an opportunity for planners and suppliers to come together for valuable sharing of information. Plan now to make the most of this one-stop shopping arena.

12:35 p.m. Luncheon and Special Presentation
Sponsor: Kissimmee-St. Cloud Convention & Visitors Bureau

Plant Your Feet Firmly in Mid-Air

When the future is unclear, people need hope — hope that they can manage their world, hope that they can balance their lives, hope that they can make a difference. “Change is not a force to be feared but an opportunity to be seized, and the choice is ours,” says Janet Lapp, PhD, a leading authority on how to adapt to an information society and how to develop the skills to thrive in the face of change, both now and in the future. With a PhD from McGill University, Montréal, Lapp is a registered nurse, professor, clinical psychologist, and author of three books.

Janet Lapp, PhD

2:20-3:30 p.m. Tutorials

  1. The Frugal Planner's Guide to Site Selection
    You can save meeting dollars without sacrificing quality. Learn how creative cost control begins with choosing an appropriate site for your next meeting. Pick up tips on maximizing the effectiveness of your site-inspection efforts and ensuring the greatest value in room rates, comp policies, and extra services. This specialist in the hotel industry will address the necessary elements needed to approach this task with confidence and know-how.

    Leonard H. “Buck” Hoyle, CMP, President, Accolade Communications, Washington, D.C.

  2. Surviving Your Foray in the Internet Jungle
    This session is a basic guide for RCMA members on finding what you need on the Internet. Specific topics will include tips and tricks of using a browser, three methods for getting information from the World Wide Web, four types of search engines and their pluses and minuses, and useful Web sites that every member should know. The session will demonstrate how to use the Internet in nontechnical terms.

    Jan Majewski, CLE Director, Stetson University College of Law, St. Petersburg, Fla.

  3. How to Successfully Negotiate Anything with Anyone!
    You might know what you want, but do you know how to get it? Negotiation skills are the key to getting what you want in your professional and personal life. You'll learn basic principles, strategies, and techniques of negotiating in easy-to-understand language that you can apply on a day-to-day basis. This session will contain an interactive negotiating exercise and tips for both beginners and longtime professionals.

    John Foster, III, Attorney,
    Foster, Jensen, Gulley, Atlanta

  4. Double Your Reading Rate … Triple Your Brain Capacity
    You need to attend this session if you simply can't get around to everything you know you should read or learn. Amazing new reading technology allows you to increase your reading rate. In one hour, you can learn to read much faster and understand what you read. At the same time, you can triple the amount of brain capacity you are using. Discover the keys to accelerated learning ability.

    Alfonso Castaneira, President, Success Coaching Institute, Safety Harbor, Fla.

  5. Meeting Planning Made Easy!
    This information-rich course will take you through the steps of the planning process from A to Z. Here's an opportunity to obtain a comprehensive, basic foundation in meeting management. The session will also assist the seasoned meeting professional with a review of critical checkpoints, systems, and methods in preparing for an event. Includes a copy of The Planner, a guide to ensuring that all the details are covered for your meeting.

    Stephen Hahn, Director, Religious Sales, Marriott International, Rosemont, Ill.

  6. The Meeting as Teambuilder
    Networking, interaction, fun, and learning are goals of every meeting. The right teambuilding activity or simulation can add an unexpected but valuable dimension to a meeting of any size. Participants will hear about new alternatives and experience Uptime, a unique, engaging model of team communication. Participants will try out this extraordinarily valuable simulation, which has been used to energize groups of 60 to 600 people. This session will give meeting and seminar planners a great new tool to energize their meetings and make them more interactive.

    Samuel Del Brocco, President, PCI Communications, Alexandria, Va.

  7. Getting the Most for Your Meeting Dollar
    As meeting and convention industry costs are continually scrutinized by participants, it is more important than ever to have a sound understanding of what factors affect costs and how these may be controlled or managed. To get the best meeting for your organization's money, you must know about the options available to you. Learn how to squeeze all possible value out of every dollar. By attending this session, you will be better prepared to forecast costs.

    Cleo Battle, Vice President of Convention Sales, Richmond Convention & Visitors Bureau, Richmond, Va.

    Kevin Beckman, Director of Sales, Executive Inn, Louisville, Ky.

    Thomas M. Jackson, CMP, Exec. Admin. Assistant, General Conference Coordinator, United Pentecostal Church International, Hazelwood, Mo.

    Elizabeth B. Murphy, Business Development Manager, American Airlines, Fort Wayne, Ind.

  8. Maximizing Your Promotional Dollars for a Successful Meeting
    (Offered once)
    Putting together a superb program of events for your meeting is only part of the challenge. If you can't get attendees to register, your efforts may be in vain. In this session, we will review the fundamentals of marketing and advertising and examine how to put together copy points, talk about getting the right kind of photographs, buying print economically, finding the right names to mail to, cutting your postage costs, pricing your event to maximize attendance, getting the money more easily, and putting together the right promotional efforts.

    Nick Topitzes, CMP, President, pc/nametag, Madison, Wis.

  9. Customers Count
    (For exhibitors, offered once)
    The market changes. The economy fluctuates. But the important factor to remember through all this is that customers count. As the meeting business continues to evolve, suppliers must stay focused on their customers — what they need, how to partner, how to innovate and add value. This session will address best practices for establishing and maintaining strong customer relationships, regardless of economic conditions. It will explore how to sell externally as well as internally, so that the promises you make can be delivered.

    Christie Hicks, Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide

  10. Hotel Revenue Management and Its Impact on Negotiations
    Learn how this critical hotel practice affects your meetings. This session will review the process that hotels use to analyze your meeting and, most importantly, what you can do to better position your meeting to better fit their requirements. You will walk away with a good understanding of general revenue management philosophy, practices, and how they directly relate to your meeting.

    David G. Peckinpaugh, Vice President Sales, Conferon Inc., Twinsburg, Ohio

3:30-3:50 p.m. Refreshment Break
Sponsor: Valley Forge Convention & Visitors Bureau

3:50-5:00 p.m. Tutorials

  1. You Too Can Be a Certified Meeting Professional
    (Offered once)
    The Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) designation recognizes those who have reached the highest level of achievement in meeting management. Three RCMA members who hold this distinguished recognition will explain the process of becoming certified and will answer questions about the CMP program.

    Elliott Lawrence, CMP, Assistant Director for Multicultural Group Sales, San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau Denise Withers, CMP, Communication Specialist, Kentucky Baptist Convention, Louisville, Ky.

    Melvin L. Worthington, CMP, Executive Secretary, National Association of Free Will Baptists, Antioch, Tenn.

  2. Just Who Do You Think You Are?
    (Offered once)
    This program is for the overworked and overstressed meeting professional who will commit to taking this time to relax and learn uncomplicated, genuine, “good horse sense” guides and approaches to discover and experience the joy of the human encounter and the business of spirituality in relationship to meeting planning. A refresher to enliven those spiritual juices.

    James Fausel, CMP, President, Institute for Effective Ministries, Scottsdale, Ariz.

  3. The Frugal Meeting Planners Guide to Site Selection

  4. Surviving Your Foray in the Internet Jungle

  5. How To Successfully Negotiate Anything with Anyone!

  6. Double Your Reading Rate … Triple Your Brain Capacity

  7. Getting the Most for Your Meeting Dollar

  8. Meeting Planning Made Easy!

  9. The Meeting as Teambuilder

  10. Hotel Revenue Management and Its Impact on Negotiation

6:45 p.m. Busch Gardens Spectacular!
Join us for an evening of fun and excitement as we enjoy exclusive use of Busch Gardens Tampa Bay at night! A pioneer in the Florida theme park industry, Busch Gardens offers guests an unparalleled blend of top-rated entertainment, majestic animals, thrilling rides, and fabulous food.

As the moon rises high, we end our evening with a trip to Morocco for the sensational world-class ice show “World Rhythms On Ice,” which takes us on an around-the-world tour.

Sponsor: Busch Gardens Tampa Bay


8-9:40 a.m. Breakfast
Sponsor: Lexington Convention & Visitors Bureau

Recognition of Certified Meeting Professionals (CMPs)

Program: “You Be The Judge”
You are hereby summoned for jury duty to decide the issues in a legal dispute. This will be an opportunity for you to determine the guilt or innocence of the parties involved. At the conclusion of the trial, you will be given instructions as to your responsibilities as a juror. This is your opportunity to sit in judgment. You will have fun, learn, and know more about why you don't want to go to court.

9:50-10:50 a.m. Tutorials

  1. Meeting Administration: The Forms and Systems That Make Your Life Easier
    Meeting planners are expected to deal expertly with the countless details required to produce a successful meeting. The secret to keeping track of these details lies in using the proper forms and checklists. This session will show you how to use staging guides, budget forms, speaker confirmations, AV requests, and other print materials that help you get it all done on time and on budget.

    Leonard H. “Buck” Hoyle, CMP, President, Accolade Communications, Washington, D.C.

  2. Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle While Traveling
    Traveling is tough on most people's eating and exercise habits. For those who frequently travel or attend daylong meetings, some quick, simple tips can keep you on the right track to health. We will take a humorous look at some of the common mistakes most people make in their food choices while away from home and give you delicious alternatives to promote energy and health. We will also look at some easy ways to build in exercise to keep you fit and relaxed.

    Linda Fullam, RD, LDN, Program Manager, Health and Weight Management Center, University Community Hospital, Tampa, Fla.

  3. What's Hot in Hotel Contracts
    Hotel contracts, and the wording of key provisions, continue to be of critical importance to both planners and suppliers. This session will analyze key clauses in hotel contracts, such as provisions for attrition, termination and cancellation, performance clauses, facility service fees, setting future rates, and indemnification and insurance clauses. Attendees will also be given the opportunity to participate in an interactive negotiation exercise.

    John Foster, III, Attorney at Law, Foster, Jensen & Gulley, Atlanta

  4. Planning Your Meeting Via the Internet
    See and learn about Internet sites that are available to you, and learn how to use them. This session offers a review of the year's technological changes and a look at what the coming year has to offer meeting planners. Look at everything from electronic RFPs, site selection, venue research, event registration, and housing reservation options to great research shortcuts that will eliminate every paper reference that you are using.

    T. Scott Falk, Director of Sales, Arrowhead Conferences & Events, Redland, Calif.

  5. Producing and Using Video Creatively for Your Meeting
    (Offered once)
    Used cleverly, video modules can be a vital, tone-setting, energizing element of general sessions, awards ceremonies, and opening sessions. Used poorly, video modules can be expensive and ineffective. See examples of state-of-the-art video modules and learn how they can be integrated into a dynamic agenda. Learn the principles of producing and pricing video for your event. Learn how to hire and work with a production company or even produce your own tapes. You may not be Cecil B. as a result of this seminar, but you'll surely have a better understanding of how to make video a successful part of your event.

    Samuel Del Brocco, President, PCI Communications, Alexandria, Va.

  6. The Heavenly and Rewarding Religious Market
    (For exhibitors, offered once)
    Today's religious market continues to receive ever-increasing attention from the hospitality industry. This tutorial will focus on the unique and varied aspects of this market. Receive insights into the types of religious conferences and meetings, ranging from huge citywide events to small weekend retreats. Learn how, as a professional sales representative, you can develop a special rapport with the meeting planners representing denominations and religious organizations.

    Duane L. Steiner, Annual Conference Executive Director, Church of the Brethren, Elgin, Ill.

    Ron L. Stephens, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, High Point Convention & Visitors Bureau, High Point, N.C.

    Ward Sumpter, Executive Secretary, Southern Union Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Decatur, Ga.

    Jacquelyn T. Walker, Convention Meeting Planner, Church of God Theological Seminary, Cleveland, Tenn.

  7. The Wondrous World of Unique Venues
    (Offered once)
    If you are struggling to find space at conventional sites because of the economy, here is your opportunity to gain insight into a variety of unique meeting venues. Opportunities await at colleges, retreat and conference centers, camps, museums, theaters, parks, and a variety of other sites. Learn what to look for, what questions to ask, and what to expect.

    Charles Salem, Vice President, Marketing & Business Development, Unique Venues, Johnstown, Pa.

  8. Are We Closer to Heaven — Cyberspace and Other Ethereal Things?
    (Offered once)
    Today the meeting professional must be prepared to address issues of electronic communication. In this session, various aspects of e-mail, intellectual property, Web site management, the use of electronic media for promotion and other similar activities, and what you need to know about protecting yourself from potential legal problems will be discussed.

    Jonathan T. Howe, Senior Partner, Howe & Hutton Ltd., Chicago

  9. Guidelines for Developing RFPs
    (For planners, offered once)
    Get the inside scoop on getting hotels interested in your proposal. Do you find that the hotels you are interested in put no priority on your business? Understanding and presenting the information suppliers need, versus the kind of information meeting planners often provide, could encourage suppliers to clamor for your business. Learn how to package your meeting to suppliers with marketing value, not member value.

    Tom Sant, CEO & Founder, The Sant Corp., Cincinnati, Ohio

  10. Surviving Life's Stresses
    It's not stress, it's what stress does to you that is the problem, especially when it derails your immune system or makes you forget that crucial meeting. While you may not be able to control the source of the aggravation, you can protect yourself from its effects. In this session you'll learn ways to train your body to recover from stress. You'll also learn how Vitamin C can help to fend off a cold, but if not taken correctly, how it can cause serious problems. Also learn some simple steps that will insure you get the type of sleep that's needed to keep your immune system healthy. Learn about the link between the immune system and fatigue. This interactive, entertaining program will provide you with skills you can put to use immediately.

    Nick Hall, PhD, Director, Wellness Center, Saddlebrook, Wesley Chapel, Fla.

10:50-11:05 a.m. Refreshment Break

11:05 a.m.-12:05 p.m. Tutorials

  1. Show 'Em a Little Razzle-Dazzle
    (Offered once)
    Don't forget — an event is often a production. You can use the same philosophies, techniques, and media that theatrical producers use to keep your attendees excited and coming back year after year. In this tutorial, a former entertainer and seasoned producer of events will provide you with practical tips on improving the pacing, variety, and emotional impact of any meeting — even if your caviar tastes are on a peanut butter budget.

    Samuel Del Brocco, President PCI Communications, Alexandria, Va.

  2. “Acts of God” and Other Things That Go Bump in the Night and Other Legal Issues
    (Offered once)
    This session will discuss those things that make it difficult, if not impossible, for the meeting professional to advance the program from both the supplier's as well as the organization's standpoint. Have you ever been confronted with crises such as hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, bomb threats, and the like? If you haven't, you may well be. Additionally, those personal tragedies such as a death at the meeting, boycotts, and similar untoward events will be reviewed. Be prepared to be involved in this interactive session.

    Jonathan T. Howe, Senior Partner, Howe & Hutton Ltd., Chicago, IL

  3. Creating Proposals That Sell
    (Exhibitors, offered once)
    Too many salespeople make the mistake of over-utilizing templates and reworking proposals, and failing to communicate what their customers truly want to hear. In this session, you will learn how to write proposals that sell, how to target them to your customers' needs, how to avoid the most common mistakes, and what options are available today to automate this process.

    David G. Peckinpaugh,
    Vice President Sales,
    Conferon Inc.,
    Twinsburg, Ohio

    Tom Sant, President, The Sant Corp., Cincinnati, Ohio

  4. Working with Ever-Changing Volunteer Committees
    (Offered once)
    Much of the success of a well-run event depends on volunteer leadership. Find out how volunteers can make the difference between a mediocre convention and a great convention. Where do you find volunteers? How do you recruit them? Who trains them? How far do you trust them?

    Gary Bowen, Business Manager, General Conference, General Council on Finance & Administration, The United Methodist Church, Evanston, Ill.

    Sandra Flournoy, Director of Meetings & Logistics, National Baptist Convention, U.S.A. Inc., Nashville, Tenn.

    Carol Werchan, Executive Administrator, Conventions & Meetings, International Lutheran Laymen's League, St. Louis, Mo.

  5. Maximizing the Use of Shuttle Transportation
    (Offered once)
    A major part of your budget may be dedicated to moving your attendees from one location to another. Knowledge of how to negotiate and develop effective shuttle transportation will improve your event. Learn from an expert.

    Karn B. Clark, CMP, Co-Owner, Bay Area Destination Management Co. Inc., Tampa, Fla.

  6. Meeting Administration: The Forms and Systems That Make Your Life Easier

  7. Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle While Traveling

  8. What's Hot in Hotel Contracts

  9. Planning Your Meeting Via the Internet

  10. Surviving Life's Stresses

12:15 p.m. Luncheon and Guest Speaker
Sponsor: Daytona Beach Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

Miracles, Secrets and Ragpickers

From Hawaii to South Africa, from Australia to Mexico, James Hennig is known as a dynamic speaker and consultant to Fortune 500 companies and major national and international associations. Through the years, Hennig has been president of four successful corporations in four divergent fields. He says, “You've got to operate on the principle of truth in every area of your life. Sometimes doing the right thing makes you unpopular, but it is always worth it.”

James F. Hennig, PhD

1:55-4:30 p.m. Expo 2002
Discover the latest and greatest that cities, convention centers, hotels, colleges, conference centers, airlines, and service companies have to offer for your conferences and meetings.

6:30 p.m. 30th-Anniversary Gala
Visit with industry professionals during this vibrant social gathering. This festive evening is always a conference highlight, featuring exquisite cuisine, the President's Award, and electrifying entertainment.

Sponsor: City of Tampa


8 a.m. Breakfast and General Session
This fun breakfast offers a preview of the 31st RCMA Annual Conference and Exposition, slated for Charlotte, N.C., January 28-31, 2003.

Sponsor: Charlotte Convention & Visitors Bureau

8:50 a.m. Annual Business Meeting
The annual business meeting of RCMA focuses on the many programs offered by the association and recognizes those who have given special support to the society.

9:10 a.m. Finding Strength at the Broken Places
A leader in business and human resource development, Barry Banther has spent the past two decades encouraging adults to achieve their highest potential. He has been a key administrator of a nationwide broadcasting company, president of a college, and professor of communication and management. His popular training course, “The Leader In You,” is offered throughout the United States and Europe.

Barry Banther

9:45 a.m. Adjournment

RCMA 2002: Highlights

For a day-to-day guide to the 30th Anniversary RCMA Conference and Exposition, turn to RCMA Highlights, the show's daily newspaper, which will be published on-site in Tampa, providing you with details about the conference schedule and events.